Payment Help

Our checkout uses Paypal or Google Checkout to process payments. The default method is Paypal.

If you have a Paypal or Google account, then just click their logo on our 1st checkout page. Then log-in and click Pay Now and you're finished.

Both Paypal and Google are totally separate from Kapoww, we don't have access to your card details. If your card is rejected please don't contact us as there's nothing much we can do.
Note - if you do have problems entering card details on Paypal then try Google (see bottom of this page)

To pay without a Paypal account.....
To use Paypal YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Just fill in your name and address details in our checkout pages. Then click the white button at the bottom of the page - "Click here to pay with a debit / credit card using paypal".

You'll then be automatically re-directed to Paypal and you'll see a page similar to this....

paypal login

The right side is for people with accounts to log in, the left side is for people without accounts - just click the 'continue' button below the card logos. The 'Continue' link used to just be a word within the text above the card logos, very easily missed.

You then enter you card number etc.

Common Problems

Paying without a Paypal account

The most common problem is missing the Continue button on the 1st paypal page. (see image above). The 'Continue' link is sometimes just a word within the text, very easily missed.

Problems entering card details on Paypal

Some customers have reported problems entering their card details on Paypal. This only seems to affect cards from one or two banks. If this happens our advice is to try Google checkout, it seems to accept a wider variety of cards. Just click the google checkout logo on our first check page.
You do have to set up a Google account - but this is very easy and instant - basically the same info as you'd put into our checkout plus a password.

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